Taking Video to the Sky


Aerial videography has always been very costly when adding it to film or photo productions. Because of the latest advancements in drone technology, independent production companies have been able to expand their services to offer not only amazing HD quality from the ground, but now from the air.

Here at Tetro Productions we are gearing toward a creative future with the use of these aerial drones. We use quad copters from the trusted leader in drone technology DJI to ensure the highest level of safety when flying. Take the guessing out of flying, our drones are equipped with first person view so we can capture the exact image needed, as well as a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer to insure each photo/video is crisp and steady when flying.

Our number one concern for this new technology is safety. We abide by all FAA regulations including staffing certified pilots to operate the drone during production. We hope to take this technology into the next decade and truly expand on it’s potential. To get an idea of what we are working towards, check out the video.

Eagle River LLC from Michael Tetro on Vimeo.


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